Africa Pharma Times

Pharmaceutical News Channel
News Centre for Pharma News in Africa

Africa Pharma Times was introduced by FPS Events in 2019 following the growth in attraction for SAPHEX and The Pharmacy Show. The channel runs closely alongside SAPHEX, with all news to be posted on APT, will be automatically referenced through the SAPHEX 2019 website.

APT combines the option of learning more about the pharmaceutical/pharmacy industry while staying up to date with what is happening globally, nationwide and amongst the biggest pharma companies in Africa. Africa Pharma Times also allows the growth and exposure of other companies through on-site advertising, while APT is expected to reach the masses in the industry from top-level CO's to local pharma workers, the addition of advertisement will help grow other businesses, supporting the framework behind our work at FPS Events in putting the customer first.

Africa Pharma Times is expected to be released in April 2019 and work towards becoming the hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmacy news in Africa. The release of the channel is exciting for FPS Events as it becomes the only news based channels in the industry geographically, that allows the promotion of other businesses and is open to PR submissions across the board.

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