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FPS Events provides high quality services to benefit your business. Our services cover areas from events to your online presence.
Event & Conference Management

Due to our current 5 events across Africa, FPS Events has become open to expansion and will now take control of your event. FPS Events has a passion behind their events and loves to see a collection of local/international people get together and all benefit each other in one central area.

FPS Events has recently had interest from another organiser as a joint venture with EAPHEX, Standout Ventures and The Pharma Horn of Africa combines forces with FPS to create one main event in Nairobi, the joint venture is exciting and opens the door to new opportunities for our exhibitors/visitors by reaching out to a much larger audience.

The merger with EAPHEX will generate the largest East African pharmaceutical exhibition and dedicated conferences for the region and will build on the connections, networks and audiences of both events.

Web Development & Online Presence

FPS Events has demonstrated their elite skills in website design/development at the backend of 2018 with the re-design of 3 of their events websites, with the other 2 still to follow in the first half of 2019. Due to our passion for helping your business grow, FPS now provide the web development services to existing customers who may want to bolster their online presence, but also to new customers who aren't necessarily linked with our events.

FPS provides sleek, modern and beautiful looking websites all at very fantastic rates. The main focus behind our websites is that they are:

  1. Device friendly and responsive
  2. Informative with lots of information
  3. Beautiful design that stands out from the rest
  4. Innovations and technologies to make the site interactive
  5. Fully customisasble with no limitations

Read more about our web design services and take a look at our websites below

Website Builds


Complete re-design of NORPHEX 2019's site

Modern, responsive design with lots of room for expansion


Complete re-design of TPS 2019's site

Eye-catching imagery and design. Huge amounts of interaction with our audience


Complete re-design of SAPHEX 2019's site

Eye-catching imagery and design. Huge amounts of interaction with our audience


Complete re-design of Crux Pharmaceuticals site

Informative and beautiful mini-site

Rebranding & Marketing

FPS Events offers a fantastic rebranding and marketing service to customers who are in need of a fresh new look. We take pride in our appearance just as much as we do yours. Rebranding with FPS doesn't mean just changing a logo and a few colours - your brand persuades and influences whether or not new customers will buy into your business.

We will take care of every aspect of your branding and treat it like one of our own. View our branding ideas below and find out the benefits of rebranding with FPS today

Professional logos, stunning colour schemes & innovative brand ideas

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