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We specialise in this industry, you will be in good hands. We promise to make your event the most successful it can be through our event management service.

We take control of your event

FPS Events provides high-quality event management services in all industries, globally. We specialise in the industry of events and have a fantastic reputation for delivering a fantastic for all parties at our events.

We have recently merged with another events company, Standout Ventures to bring East Africa's Largest Dedicated Pharmaceutical Exhibition and Conference, which is expected to run towards the end of 2019. Due to our fantastic reputation and high merits in our events in 2017/18, our efforts have been noticed and our events have now been given serious backing by the major players in the industry worldwide.

The process of taking charge of your event is that we will control all sales, marketing and infrastructure behind your event and prepare it to be the most successful it possibly can be. You will be accessing a database of thousands of pharmaceutical professionals, pharmacists, pharmacy owners, doctors and main government/associate members that we can take your event above and beyond in terms of its visitor/potential exhibitor reach.

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